Why Blade Grinder Is Not Suitable for Coffee

Recently my friend gave me a jar of ground coffee to try the flavours.

The coffee smells fantastic…

Until I took my first sip. The coffee tasted weird!

The coffee bed lying in the filter looks like a photo of the Martian landscape. There are a mix of particles in the coffee bed, boulders on top and the finer rocks below it, surrounding it are muddy coffee fines.

What’s the problem boulders and small fines? When you brew your coffee with such mix, boulders will get under extracted while the fines will get over extracted.

Over-extracted coffee produced a bitter flavour, while the under-extracted coffee produces a sour taste. This results in a cup of coffee that is not delicious.

Disgusting coffee bed

It turns out that my friend uses a blade grinder for making coffee. This is the cause of the uneven ground coffee particles.

Serious Eats has a great article on why you shouldn’t use blade grinders for your coffee. TLDR; The spinning blades in these grinders are simply not the right tool to create even-size particles.

How did I fix this mess?

I sieved it. Grab a regular sieve that you can easily find in your kitchen and start sieve them the ground coffee. You will filter the boulders away and be left with the fines.

Ground coffee with mix of boulders and fines
Boulders filtered from ground coffee

A delicious cup of coffee starts with properly ground coffee. Throw away that blade grinder and get a burr grinder instead.

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