Login Error for Gmail in iPhone and iPad

My previous setup to send from multiple email addresses works well in iOS 6. Recently, I have to reconfigure my Gmail account and the previous setup doesn’t work any more. Mail cannot connect to Gmail and I would be prompted with the following message:

Cannot get Gmail: The user name or password for imap.gmail.com is incorrect.

This post is written for Google users who have 2-step verification enabled in their accounts.

Google 2-step Verification

After much research, I found the culprit behind the error is due to the 2-step verification process that Google has implemented. If you have 2-step verification enabled in your Google account, you would have to generate app-specific passwords for some apps.

Mail on iPhone or iPad and Mail on Mac are some of the apps that require you to generate a one-time app-specific password when you configure your password. Click here for help on Google’s 2-step verification.

Apps that require specific passwords
Apps that require specific passwords

Unlock Captcha

If the app-specific password did not work, you may need to unlock your device by performing an additional verification for your device. Click here to unlock captcha.

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