Launch Images via Storyboard/Interface Builder

No more creating multiple launch images for the various devices that your iOS app supports. Simply design your launch image in Xcode, via a Storyboard file or an Interface Builder document.

Creating new Launch Screen file via New in File menu
Creating new Launch Screen file via New in File menu

Look! In Xcode 6.0, you can directly create a Launch Screen file. Tap on that and you get an XIB file.

Interface Builder document created by Xcode
Interface Builder document created by Xcode

Xcode automatically creates a XIB file containing your project title other copyright information. From here you should start customising the view to replicate your initial view controller.


This is one step forward towards making apps more adaptive to different screen sizes. With the new iPhone 6 Plus,  Watch and perhaps new iPad, iOS developers needs to face the increasing variation of screen sizes. I don’t want to waste time creating multiple launch images, I’m sure you don’t too.


Well unfortunately there are some downsides to this type of Launch Image. Your storyboard or interface builder can’t be too complex. It would be perfect if you can simply use your existing storyboard as the launch image right? But I tried using my Main.storyboard as the launch image, only to see the default black screen when my app starts up.

Anyways you can find out how to use storyboard/XIB as launch image more from Ole Begemann’s post.

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