Instagram Hack: Add A (Real) Line Break In Captions

As of August 2017, you can finally space out your captions without adding dashes, dots, underscores or whatever symbols to keep chunks of text apart.

How to add line break in your Instagram captions

instagram caption with line break

Method 1: Copy and paste this Braille character

  1. Copy the following character in between the hash symbols: #⠀#
  2. Past the character in between the paragraphs
  3. Post and see the magic

Make your life easier by saving the Braille character in your Notes app or a clipboard manager some that you can easily paste it for your next post.

Method 2: Use Later app

  1. Download Later app
  2. Write your post captions with the line break as per normal (hitting the return key)
  3. Once your scheduled post is up, Later app copies your pre-written caption
  4. You can now paste it directly in Instagram.
  5. Tap on Post button and be amazed~

Origin of the magic

While cruising down Instagram’s Explore tab, I spotted a post that had empty spaces in between the paragraphs of the caption. I couldn’t believe my eyes. How is it even possible?!

After googling, I came across this blog post on Verbal Gold. Ady shares that she uses the Instagram scheduling app, Later.

Decoding the magic

I was definitely curious, what is this dark magic by Later. I tried by checking the html code, nothing. I threw it into Atom, hoping for a hidden character. None.

I turned to unicode.

I pasted the captions generated by Later app into this text-to-unicode converter and voila.  The character has a unicode number U+2800 – a Braille Pattern Blank character.

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