How to Turn iPhone Into a Baby Monitor

My wife and I were sleep training our baby. It is challenging and we would like to see how is she doing without entering the room and distract her.

I was looking to buy a cheap baby monitor, but I realised they are not so affordable after all.

And then I thought, “What about turning that old iPhone into a baby monitor”? After all, my wife have a spare iPhone 6 Plus that is lying around.

Use your old iPhone as a baby monitor

Baby monitor Apps

black iphone 4 on white and blue textile

I went on to the App Store and did a quick search on ‘baby monitor’. Lo and behold, there are tons of such apps!

Alfred CCTV

A free app with premium subscription that is really easy to use. This is very highly-rated app loaded with a lot of useful features.

You may find the night vision, walkie talkie and the motion alert features most useful for a baby monitor.

I got the whole app setup and running in under 3 minutes. Really fast!

It is free to use at a lower resolution (I think 480p).

Download Alfred CCTV on the App Store.

But one thing I didn’t like about most of the apps is that it sends your video feed out onto the Internet. With most of these apps, the video stream is being sent to a server so that you can access them anywhere via the Internet.

This wasn’t what I needed, I only need to access the baby monitor when I’m home, with my baby.

Which leads me to the next app.

IP Camera

It is a simple and straightforward app that turns your iPhone into a streaming video camera.

What I like about this app is that it works via WiFi and broadcasts the video stream within your home network. No need to worry about the private feed of your baby being uploaded to the World Wide Web.

It’s really easy to use as well! In order to view the video stream, simply enter the IP address into your browser. You can easily monitor your baby via any device that has a browser, that means: your android phone, your iPad, or even your PC/Mac.

For parents who want to dabble further, IP Camera provides a range of settings for you to configure:

  • front/back camera
  • video resolution
  • frames per second

1 potential dealbreaker of this app is that it doesn’t record audio. It isn’t a problem for me because my baby sleeps in the next room. She is loud and we could always hear her 😂.

For an affordable price of $1.28 (USD 0.99), I downloaded it and ditched Alfred.

Download IP Camera on the App Store.

The Setup

baby's inside wooden crib

First, you need a place to position your iPhone, preferably somewhere high up. You want to be able to tilt-down your phone so it can be capturing the baby crib from an angle.

A good place to start is the chest drawer. We have one directly opposite the baby cot with night light setup on the chest. It works really because the night light would gently illuminate the baby cot. Just enough to film without disturbing her sleep.

Second, make sure you have a power point nearby to keep your iPhone charged. With the camera constantly filming, and video constantly streaming, the phone won’t last too long on battery.

Third, I use a baby sound machine app concurrently with IP Camera. The wonders of modern technology 👏.

For the background noise, I use the app Relax Melodies. It a good range of background sounds like white noise, ocean waves to rustling of tree leaves. You could use the mixer to blend a series of sounds and play a nice and soothing background music for your baby to sleep!

Download Relax Melodies on the App Store.

I like how I could breathe new life into a perfectly functional old iPhone. With a couple of apps, we got the iPhone to be working for our baby sleep routine.

How do you keep tabs on your baby? Do use also use your iPhone as a baby monitor too?

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