Clean Your Mac Menu Bar With Vanilla – A Free Alternative to Bartender

I love using simple nifty tools to personalise my Mac experience. Look at my top 10 list of free Mac apps.

And recently I came across this wonderful compilation of Mac menu bar apps on The Verge by Dieter Bohn.

There is a hidden GEM in it!

Meet Vanilla, a free Mac menu bar app that keeps your menu bar clean and tidy by hiding all the clutter away.

I have always been tempted to buy Bartender, the famous Mac menu bar utility, but I could not justify forking out money for it.

Before and after using Vanilla

Vanilla is dead simple to use.

Launch the app, and you will see a dot on your menu bar.

That’s vanilla.

To hide the menu bar icons, command + click on the icon to drag it to the left of the dot.

Tap on the arrow icon on the left end of the menu bar to toggle Vanilla.

Yass! I love how minimal my menu bar looks now!

Vanilla is available for free. You can also purchase Vanilla Pro for USD 4.99 to unlock more features such as a keyboard shortcut to toggle the app, completely hide the menu bar apps.

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