Best Way to Create Google Review Link

Reviews are a great way to build up trust and communicate the quality of your service/products.

A highly rated business on Google search would certainly make a good first impression for potential customers.

Before you can earn those stars on your Google My Business, how do you make it easy for your customers to leave a review on Google?

The best method this is to send your customers a direct link to write a review.

Unfortunately, Google doesn’t offer a built-in tool to generate this type of link.

google review link mobile phone

Create A Google Review Link (That Works Even On Mobile)

It is important you do the following steps on your mobile phone. I’ve tried doing it on the desktop browser, but the link generated doesn’t work on mobile phones.

  1. Google search your business
  2. Tap on the Google Map / Google rich snippet of your business
  3. Tap on the Reviews tab
  4. In the Rate and Review on Google section, tap on the stars
  5. Copy this URL
  6. Use a URL shortening service like to hide the long and ugly URL

You can test out this link by trying it on your desktop browser.

If you want your customers to see all your Reviews, you can stop at step 3.

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